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Our Micro-CastTM service is a powerful way to "dip your toe" into the world of podcasting with a bit-sized, one-time recording. Sample each service from launch, guest services, production, promotion, and lead generation.

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Podcast Launch

We help with show concept, messaging, format, title , service provider, equipment, set-up, training and anything else needed to get your show launched the right way. Let us do the heavy lifting! 

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Guest Services

We conduct guest research as well as prep the guest for the show. This includes planning the episode content, coordinating guest scheduling and guest follow-up. Your time is valuable, don't spend it in the weeds. 

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We handle every element of editing your show. Mixing intros, outros, commercials, music bumpers, Mixing down to -16 LUFS audio standard, vocal balancing, vocal compression, noise reduction, Show Notes/Blog.


Three-episode specific social media posts to each of clients agreed-upon platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). We also promote and manage your podcast email list for you. 

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Lead Generation

Monetizing a podcast is hard-work and not for the novice. We work with you to develop a lead-gen strategy. We then execute on that strategy bringing pre-qualified leads to your business. 

Podcast Consulting

Our podcast consulting service is here to guide you through the process or to help with overall planning and strategy.



A professional audio-gram adds "shine" to your episode and makes it easy for people to listen to your message.

Show Trailer

Like a movie trailer, an audio trailer promotes your show and gives the listener a teaser on what the show is about. 


A professional Cast-Card helps to draw the attention of your listener and also gives you an additional piece of content you can re-purpose. 

Podcast Intro/Outro

Your intro/outro can provide important information about your show or your call-to-action. 

Voice Over

Voice Overs are a great way to add a different tone to your show. Ad reads and segment transitions are greats elements to use voice over talent. 

Podcast Website

Your podcast needs its own space. This could be a page on your existing site or a stand-alone branded site. 

Podcast Artwork

Your Podcast artwork is the first thing people see when they encounter your brand. Make sure it communicates the right message.

Basic Editing

Having a professional sounding show is key to standing out and keeping listeners engaged. We offer basic, professional, and custom editing packages. 

Podcast Distribution

Getting your show into the right directories is an important step to discover-ability. We submit your show to Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other mayor directories. 


Having a transcript of your show is a great way to provide additional content and to also improve search-ability online. 

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Show Notes

A great show summary will help attract listeners to your content and give them a quick point of reference for specific topics they are searching for.  

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