Why Podcasting For My Brand? 

Podcasting is an effective way to reach your current client base and new potential customers. 

The return on investment is high compared to the cost of production.


Connect with listeners that are seeking the content you provide. Your brand, your solution, your tribe!


Tell your brand's unique story directly in the ear of your listeners. A Podcast can also serve as a great internal communication tool. 


People buy when they like, know and trust. Your show cultivates your relationship with your listeners or team. 

Podcasting Is Growing

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Podcast Listeners Are Unique


Podcast listeners are seeking out the content they consume. This creates an organic "one on one" feel for the listener. 


52% Listen in the Car | 46% Listen while traveling |

40% Listen while Walking, Running, Biking

32% | Listen while Working Out


    Tend to be highly educted with 51% holding a 4 year degree or higher. 


    41% earn 75K per year and 21% earn more $100K per year.


    Podcast lsiteners tend to be loyal to the show they love. The relationship built is unique to the podcast medium.


    Engaged with audio content daily on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

    The Right Way Is Hard And Time Consuming

    Guest research
    Guest outreach
    Guest scheduling
    Interview/show prep
    Record interview/show
    Edit audio
    Show notes
    Blog post
    Audio snippets
    Website update
    Social promotion
    Email Marketing

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    Lead Generation

    What Will Your Podcast Producer Do?

      Podcast Producer:

      The Podcast Producer is in charge of managing, recording, editing, transmitting and promoting a podcast. 

      Your Podcast Producer’s main responsibility is to make sure you, the host, or your guest are not concerned about the administration or technical side of the podcast. 

      The producer also acts as the creative director for an audio production and makes sure all relevant resources, from news items to guests, are sourced before recording.

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